Sweets from Nagoya


My hubby travels a lot on business.  Half of the week, he’s out

somewhere inside/outside Japan.

So he buys this and that from other region to treat us.

Past a few weeks, he travels to Nagoya名古屋  every week via

Shinkansen 新幹線 the famous Japanese bullet train.

The local Japanese sweets is called Uiro ういろう.

Here they are.


These are special kind called Mizu-Uiro 水ういろう.

It’s like Mizu-Yokan,  the texture is so smooth.


The regular Uiro is rectangle and bigger.

This special ones is so small, it’s perfecto for just one bite!

So cute!!


The green one is Matcha 抹茶 (green tea), and

the purple one is Azuki 小豆 (sweet little beans).

I really love the taste.  Please bring us more next time!

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