Hey!  Long time no writing!

I’ve been very busy with work and home for the past months.

And I’m still super-busy!


Today,  there’s something I want to write up.

I’ve seen this beautiful photo of roses here and there

and been feeling something is wrong.  And I found out why

when I was chatting with my old friend.  He’s seen the photo,

too.  So I went back to my old photo albums.


This photo was originally taken by my in 2006 and uploaded

on flickr with my name.   But you see the photo under  someone

else’s name now.  My photo was stolen online.   This kind of things

happens every day to someone in this world, I guess.  I’m not

happy at all.  It belongs to me!  I’m happy to share it, but I’m not

giving up my rights.  Please don’t steal any digital item(s) from

anyone else.  Each item belongs to the original person.  It’s not

free to take.


Thanks for listening!

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