Niseko Ramen



How often do I write about Ramen (Japanese soup noodles)?

Hehehe!!!  It’s my daughter’s fave.  She wants to eat it every single day!

No way, though!


While we stay at Hilton, we usually eat all meals at the hotel.

But you’ll need something else once in a while even they

serve pretty awesome goodies.


But the problem is the hotel is situated in nowhere but

skiing resort.  I mean there’s no other building except

the hotel and ski utilities.  


Hilton is so great, they offer free shuttle to the local

town, Hirafu.  Hirafu is a small town but full of lots of

Aussie skiers.  There you can find some nice restaurants,

bars and small stores.


We visited “Niseko Ramen, 風花” one evening.

Look this white sauce on top of the noodles.

This is quite unusual!

It’s Vichyssoise!!!



Under the rich and creamy Vichyssoise,

you find good Hokkaido Miso ramen!

It was really good!  I really like it!





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