Hilton Niseko Village

We go to Niseko every March for skiing ever since
my daughter became 1st grade. I learnt skiing
when I was 18 yrs old in Vancouver, Canada,
and I’ve been enjoying skiing every year since then.
The snow in Honshu (mainland) is not really good.
I don’t like the wet and heavy snow. The snow in
Niseko is really great, just like the snow in
Whistler I used to enjoy skiing!

We always stay at Hilton in Niseko Village.
This is the lobby. Nice, huh?
It’s about two hours drive from Sapporo airoport
to Hilton via limousine bus.
After checking-in, they offer you a hot
welcome drink at the lobby.
The funny shaped building you see in the photo
is the hotel. Hilton is situated in front of
the ski place. You just have to walk a bit
to ride the gondola to go up the mountain.
So convinient!
The gondola stopped quite often due to the
bad weather. It takes about 20 min. to go
up the top. The place has some other chairs,
Hilton offers a Japanese hot spring (onsen)
in the ground floor. You can take the bath
anytime you want to (except the cleaning time).
It gives a great pleasure after skiing in the
freezing weather. I take three times a day
during our stay.


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