gorgeous seafood dinner in Sapporo

My daughter and I went to a seafood restaurant in Susukino, Sapporo.
It’s a very busy area for fooding in Sapporo.   You can eat this and that.
But the two most famous goodies in Sapporo is Ramen (Japanese soup
noodles) and seafood such as crabs and salmon.

Okay, I ordered a glass of beer for “Kampai”.
My daughter?  She ordered a glass of green tea
as she’s ten yrs old!  

This Sapporo Classic is served only in Hokkaido,
you cannot find it in Tokyo area.
It was light and creamy beer, similar to German
white beer.
Here comes fresh oyster!  Very big one.
Rich and creamy.  Umm, yum!
Then, we had deep fried octopus and
squid sashimi.  This restaurant is famous
for its fresh squid sashimi and crabs.
Really great taste!
This big bowl full of ikura (salmon caviar)
is for my girl.  She’s so fond of it.
Isn’t this so beautiful?
Finally, the highlight of the evening,
crab sashimi!!!!  It was so sweet and

Oh, I miss those yummy fresh seafood.
You can have ’em in Tokyo area fresh
and reasonable like those in Sapporo!


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