Ainu Embroidery

A friend of mine asked me to take some photos
of Ainu Embroidery while I was in Hokkaido.

Ainu is the native Hokkaido people.
They have their own language, culture, and thoughts.

My friend is not from Hokkaido, but she teaches
embroidery in Tokyo and is very interested in any
kinds of embroidery.  So here I’d love to share some
photos from Sapporo.
Each  piece is quite big.  It used to be
used to decorate their knee-length
jacket/coat.  The design is very unique
and each symbolize something from the
nature, like fire, water, sky and so on.


2 responses to “Ainu Embroidery

  1. The last one reminds me of an Eskimo print. It makes me wonder how old these designs are and how far they go back…
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Linda,

    How interesting!
    Just like Eskimo, Ainu is also native in the North!
    They may share the same ancestors in the past!!

    Thank so much for your useful info!

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