I wrote about the lunch box I bought at Mister Donut
for my daughter the other day.
My daughter goes to a private school and she needs to
bring lunch box every day. Most public schools offer
nice and warm school meal.
Typical Japanese lunch is far from “peanut butter sandwiches”!

When I first made my girl’s lunch box, it was grilled cheese
sandwich in Ziploc plastic bag. I didn’t know much about
those fancy Japanese obento box. I kept making typical
American school lunch just like I grew up with it.
After a couple weeks after she started her first grade,
my daughter said, “Mommy, I want to have pretty lunch box
like others do!”!!! Oh, NO!!!!!
Now I try to fix it as neat as others.
But I have to admit that there’re are still enough room
that I can be more creative. Thus, I welcome those
cute hardware to make my lunch look so much better
and prettier.
This cute lunch box has two layers and chopsticks.
It’s color of the spring and sakura!
The perfect lunch box for the current season!

I found beautiful lunch box photos to share with you.


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